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The Situation

On-Board Data Systems (OBDS) is a Canadian software development company specialized in building aviation software for electronic flight bags, which allows pilots to fly with digital operational documents. The pilot can upload data and be tracked by an administrator.

They needed a professional team to help with their Windows application and server development.

However, their previous vendor was moving towards a different direction, so OBDS was having trouble filling some of their critical positions. Their president found 8allocate online and started a smaller-scale project with us. We’ve shipped an extremely successful pilot project, so they hired us for a large-scale project.

The Solution

8allocate helps OBDS with their ongoing software development by maintaining and updating their software on both the server side and application side. While they have another developer for their iOS app, 8allocate’s team specializes in the client-side Windows platform, and provides in-house server support and maintenance.

In addition, we’re helping OBDS conduct research on new 3D models and create another app to house aircraft maintenance manuals.

The Result

“Their [8allocate] developers are relatively autonomous and listen carefully to our specs. They find weaknesses in our specifications that our previous developers have not found and will bring it to our attention. They provide the best possible code, and their QA is on point. I can rest easy when I hand a project over to them.

I have no complaints about their project management. They’re extremely proactive and open to our feedback. We communicate with them via Skype and occasional calls. They integrate themselves into our coding standards and project management tool called Kanban.

Their project managers are exceptional at finding talented developers to fill our positions. They conduct in-depth interviews and always offer five to six skilled developers.”

Roger Sarazin, VP of Product and Services, OBDS

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