As of 2018, the total value of FinTech investments worldwide is $10 billion!
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As we race through the 21st century, industries change at an alarming rate, and none more so than FinTech.

Often speed is the key. In a hyper competitive industry you need to decrease your time to market significantly to stay ahead of your rivals, you need to move money around the world faster, you need to process more transactions per second than the competition, your data needs to be more secure than ever before, your customers are now more demanding than they have ever been.

8allocate’s FinTech expertise helps our customers keep one step ahead. Our experience ranges from crypto wallets and blockchain, to ultra low latency algorithmic trading platforms, money transfer applications and beyond.

The market is tough and the penalties severe, let our engineering expertise help you retain your innovative edge!


Whether you’re looking to enhance customer engagement with a web/mobile financial application or build a cutting-edge and highly competitive software solution for online banking or create a crypto wallet and a blockchain solution  – we’ve got your back!

Our custom FinTech development solutions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Crypto currencies
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto wallets
  • Peatio
  • RoR
  • Solidity


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